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The traditional, intensive cereal farming is, among others, depleting soil carbon. In the CarbonFarm project researchers, advisers, farmers and companies are collaborating to develop more sustainable production systems for organic and conventional arable farming.

Carbon Farm cultivation systems will:

•    lead to increased carbon content of the soil

•    improve soil structure

•    reduce fuel consumption

•    improve biodiversity and nutrient utilization

•    reduce CO2 emissions

•    improve the financial bottom line

The project runs in collaboration with Økologisk Landsforening, FRDK, Aarhus University, Copenhagen University, Dalbo A/S, AgroIntelli and 4 Danish farmers.

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The project is funded by The Danish AgriFish Agency.

More info available at: https://bit.ly/2Mkni18

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Agrointelli is an agriculture company within the plant-production industry, developing new technological solutions within Vision, Automation and Navigation.

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