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CloverCam is a new and intelligent camera system that can boost the yield from clover pasture by optimizing the clover/grass ratio. A camera mounted on a mower produces a  specific field map. The results are fed into a field management program (i. e. Mark-Online, by SEGES) and can be used to optimize the addition of nitrogen to clover pasture. According to SEGES, the results have shown a significant increase in yield per hectare.

The measurements can be used by farmers, who wish to increase the clover/grass yields as a higher clover ratio increases feed intake, cows’ performance, and improves milk nutrient content. The site-specific optimization of the clover/grass ratio improves both the operating costs and minimize negative environmental impacts. Hence, eco-socio-economic issues can be addressed by applying the CloverCam.

Nominated for Agromek Award 2018Winner of Agromek Award 2018Diplom Agromek 2018

During Agromek 2018, Northern Europe’s largest agricultural fair, IntelliPaths was awarded with 3 stars for Pioneering New Innovation in Europe and won an Agromek Award.

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