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This project is a continuation of Grassbots project from 2013-2015, funded by Region Midt. It was demonstrated that it was possible to cut biomass on lowland areas with robots, but the developed technology could not transport the biomass from the area.

In GrassBot2, the focus is on the harvest and transportation of green biomass and optimizing the chain production system. AGROINTELLI‘s robotic platform, Robotti, will be adapted to harvest and transport biomass out of the field, and integrated with an innovative safety system for both steering/control and avoidance of obstacles in the field.

The project will significantly contribute to AGROINTELLI‘s and other SME’s necessary agronomic and operational knowledge to develop the tools, safety systems and user interface, including system knowledge and analysis, technology assessment and practical feasibility.

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Agrointelli is an agriculture company within the plant-production industry, developing new technological solutions within Vision, Automation and Navigation.

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