ResearchIHM FORAGE – app for forage harvesting optimization


Intelligent Harvest Manager (IHM) Forage is a tablet-based app that continuously optimizes the driving route in the field for harvester and transportation carts during forage harvest.

The app calculates and coordinates the optimal route in order to harvest with minimum in-field traffic. IHM Forage is applicable for all tractors and forage harvesters as it works independently of their manufacturer. It can optimize one harvester and several transport carts at once. The advantages of IHM Forage are that higher harvest efficiency as well as less stressful working environment can be achieved at lower operating costs and minimized soil compaction during the harvest.

The user-friendly IHM Forage also allows to include the driver’s choice in order to avoid unforeseen obstacles or areas while optimized driving routes are suggested. The shape of the field is automatically detected when the harvester´s first route around the field’s headlands is done. IHM Forage optimizes the upcoming tasks and driving route for both forage harvester and transportation carts, which will be waiting in strategic positions. The estimations of transportation carts changing time as well as the locations and optimal route between the forage harvester and transportation carts are continuously connected, updated, and visually supported. Likewise, the documentation on the location-specific batch number, quality data, and load’s volume activity can also be found in the app-related website.

Agromek Stars 2018 Ihm diplom

IHM Forage was awarded with 2 stars at Agromek 2018, Northern Europe’s largest agricultural fair. Two stars mean that the product contains a significant capacity increase and significant changes or it is a significantly new construction or composition in comparison to earlier products on the market.

IHM website picture

Website – the different colors show each harvested batch.

Tablet screen for transportation

Tablet screen view for the transportation cart – on the right there is an indicator showing how much the current carriage is filled. The green dot on the map shows the exchange location with the next cart.

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