ResearchIPS HEADLAND – reducing overlap with intelligent section control


IPS Headland is a solution for optimizing ploughing in connection with headlands, wedges and traction optimization. It improves ploughing in the area between headlands and main fields, where the individual plough sections are lowered or raised continuously, and on the same line by turning. In the fully-automatic version, the plough is combined with the tractor’s RTK-GPS, which can be integrated with the headland automation.

With IPS, the driver can select how many plough sections are to be active during ploughing. The driver can reduce the number of sections in the ground, thus reducing the need for traction, for example in connection with inclines, different soil types and greasy conditions. Conversely, all sections can be activated.

In addition, with IPS Headland it is possible to maintain the optimum joint width while working with the wedge, as the driver can raise or lower the individual sections while driving.

Active section control provides a smooth surface and uniform ploughing of both crop residues and weed seeds.

Agromek Stars 2018 Ihm diplom     Nominated for Agromek Award 2018

During Agromek 2018, Northern Europe’s largest agricultural fair, IPS Headland was awarded with 2 stars, containing a significant capacity increase in comparison to products on the market, and it was nominated for an Agromek Award.

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