PlantingVideoPlanting spring potato – Robotti 150D


We have started the establishment of the first crops in our own organic farming non ploughed strip-farming demonstration field. In the beginning of the week we planted berry bushes and now with the first planting of spring potatoes with Agrointelli’ Robotti – see video.

The strip farming concept is inspired by the strip-farming or pixel farming from Wageningen University & Research Future Farming at Lelystat, which has shown very promising and inspiring results on robustness against diseases and improved yield potentials. Jan Kamp,Herman Schoorlemmer,Bram Veldhuisen, and Chris De Visser. Our field will have a mixture of berry bushes, potatoes, beets, maize, cereals, beans and flowers – managed in strips of 1,5 meter.

Thanks for the support from:
, KWS Group,DLF, and Søren Laubjerg.

Our demo field is part of the Danish Green Growth and Demonstration Project CarbonFarm, the EU H2020 project IWM Praise,and SoilCare Project.
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Agrointelli is an agriculture company within the plant-production industry, developing new technological solutions within Vision, Automation and Navigation.

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